Trade Mark Registration

Trademark is an identifiable mark which distinguishes the goods or services from other similar goods. Not only that but, it could also be a sign, design, expression, slogan, logo, graphic, sound, smell, word or name.

GST Return

A return is a document containing details of income which a taxpayer is required to file with the tax administrative authorities

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Salaried Person

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Great team, absolute dedication and commitment towards clients. Very organised and have given me a great customer service. I would rate them 5/5. Thanks, TAXSAVO

Marvin Fernandes

CEO of Marvin essential oil and perfumes

It’s been a great pleasure to have hired Taxsavo company to handle the GST issues, filing, returns, etc. and any business related advice and licensing. This is a company where you can rely on completely and get your job done before time. They are a group of qualified people who can guide you well.

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