Income Tax Returns Filing in Udaipur

Income Tax Returns Filing in Udaipur

Income Tax Returns Filing in Udaipur [easy-pricing-table id="3714"] Efiling or electronic filing is submitting your income tax returns online. There are two ways to file your income tax returns. The traditional way is the offline way where you go the Income Tax Department’s office to physically file your returns. The other way is when you efile through the internet. Over the past few years, efiling has become popular because it is easier, doesn’t require prints of documents and can be done for free.

It is mandatory to file income tax returns in India, if any of the below conditions are applicable to you, as per the Income Tax Act.

Earn gross annual income more than-

Particulars Amount
For individuals below 60 years Rs 2.5 Lakhs
For individuals between 60 to 80 years Rs 3.0 Lakhs
For individuals above 80 years Rs 5.0 Lakhs

The perks of using our free ITR-Filing service

  • Easy to operate
  • Time saving
  • Best experts
  • Tax savings
  • Security
  • 100% accuracy
  • Satisfaction
  • Refund tracking
In India, taxes on income is governed by the Income Tax Act, 1961 which covers within its ambit various provisions , rules and regulations for determination of taxable income, payment of taxes, filing of returns, assessment of income etc. Correct determination and timely payment of Income Tax and subsequent filing of Income Tax Returns is very essential in order to avoid interest and penalties.



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